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“See/Rescue®Streamer is a patented, compact fluorescent orange streamer that can help a downed pilot attract the attention of rescuers in the water or on land during the day or night. The device is available in pouch or holster versions and opens into a 25-ft-long, 6-in.-wide polyethylene streamer that was visible 1.3 mi. away at a search altitude of 1,500 ft. during Navy tests. The larger See/Rescue®Streamer uses the same technology but is 40 ft. long and is available in widths of 6 and 11 in. www.SeeRescueStreamer.com”

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Any Search-and-Rescue veteran will tell you that it can be impossible to spot a lost or injured soul from the air. Smoke bombs and flares are commonly flashy ways to get noticed by the higher-ups, but they tend to fizzle quickly. So forget the pyrotechnics and go with something low-tech enough to work with certitude: the SEE/RESCUE ($68-$98; www.SeeRescueStreamer.com ).  It’s an unmistakably orange polyethylene streamer that turns a capsized boater or stranded hiker into a 40-foot neon exclamation point. It has decidedly few other features, but it does float, and plastic struts keep it up from tangling – and thus becoming less visible. Packed in a handy reflective silver pouch, the boating oriented unit clips to a life vest and comes in various widths weighing from 6 to 14 ounces, depending on how risky you’re feeling. The pocket version, which is smaller at 6 inches by 25 feet and 6 ounces, suits land use and comes rolled tight in a either a holster or pouch. In either case, it’s an easy way to get noticed.  –DOUGLAS GANTENBEIN

Electronic Devices Fail (over and over)

Confirms the risk of relying on electronic devices. These types of incidents lead the Air Force to request the development of SDIRS – the Self-Deploying InfraRed SEE/RESCUE STREAMER to provide passive, continuous, signaling that automatically deploys upon immersion in water! Continue Reading…

Men’s Journal – SEE/RESCUE STREAMER coverage
Carry the Flag.   Scrawling HELP in the sand might, but if you’re heading into the wild, you’ll want something more reliable. The Coast Guard and all four branches of the military use the SEE RESCUE STREAMER ($68; www.SeeRescueStreamer.com), a cigar-sized pouch that contains a 25-foot-long orange nylon penant. It’s 50 times as easy to spot as your T-shirt, and unlike a flare, it won’t burn out.
A Speck in the Sea

The title of this New York Times report says it all: “A Speck in the Sea”! Unfortunately, that usually leads to the other dreaded/mumbled thought: “They flew right over me – why didn’t they see me?!” #LostAtSea #SeeRescueStreamer #HeadTheSizeofCoconut Continue Reading…