Have To Be Seen To Be Rescued (even with EPIRB coordinates!)


You still need a visual signal for rescuers to find you as shown once again by this incident in Colorado where they knew his location (GPS/EPIRB) position, yet it still took 2 days to find him! (Your head is the size of a rock on land or a coconut in the water – both nearly impossible to see.)  A signal mirror (requiring active manipulation and sunlight) saved him.  The passive/continuous See Rescue Streamer would have also been useful.

SeeRescueStreamer in Switzerland for Corporate Jets

#SeeRescueStreamer was well received in Geneva, Switzerland during the corporate jet event #ebace. It makes sense that the valuable occupants of high-end corporate jets would want the same protection that military aviators around the globe now rely on when it comes to emergency signaling on water or land. Thanks #CRS for getting the word out.